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Rotating your tires for safety and to save you money!

Rotating your tires for safety and to save you money!

What is a tire rotation?

When we recommend a tire rotation, it's simple; it's a matter of changing your tires, in place, on your vehicle. This could mean that the front tires, subject to much greater stress, are moved to the back. In addition, if the tire manufacturer recommends it, the tires will be rotated from left to right.

Why do this?

Many tire manufacturers require a proper rotation to honour the tire warranty. The advantage of rotating tires is that they wear more evenly. This rotation extends the life and performance of your tires and increases your safety.

When should I do it?

You should rotate your tires after using them in their original place after 8,000 to 13,000 kilometres.

Please don't delay rotating your tires; it's for your safety and passengers. You will also save money since replacing your tires will be postponed.

Why not do it at the same time as your regular vehicle maintenance? You will save time.